current/upcoming projects  :::

duo for alto saxophones for Mothertongue Ensemble - Catarrh
solo for speaking percussionist for Caleb Herron - Niceros
duo for flute + clarinet for Duo Esplanade - (untitled)
string quartet for Semiosis Quartet - This will help, I know it
pierrot + percussion - Five, not five (working title)
clarinet + chamber ensemble for Chuck Furlong - Tunica intima
duo for bass clarinet + guitar for Rested Field -The trilling wire in the blood
duo for guitar + vibraphone for Rested Field - Drift fence


June 10th, 2017  ::  7.30 pm    

Matt Samolis & Friends + Rested Field @ Studio550


April 30th, 2017  ::  7.30 pm    

Wendy Richman + Inedit + Rested Field @ Third Life Studio, presented by Opensound

March 24th, 2017  ::  7.30 pm    

Castle of our Skins presents TYAPHAKA, the premiere of three commissioned works by their Call for Black Art-inspired proposal winners Carolyn O'Brien, Pang Chun-ting, and myself. This string music will be also include collaborations with five visual artists and one dancer. All works for strings inspired by Black visual art. My own piece, entitled Tyaphaka, or a ball with water or an eye, is inspired by Stephen Hlobo's labyrinthine sculpture, Tyaphaka. Join our celebration of Black art @ Hibernian Hall, Roxbury.

March 3rd, 2017  ::  8 pm    

Transient Canvas will be performing my piece for them, Cold column, calving, in Providence RI as part of The Music Mansion's First Fridays series. 

January 27th, 2017  ::  8 pm    | 

Rested Field + Chuck Furlong @  Chimera New Music (Seully Hall, Boston Conservatory at Berklee)

November 15th, 2016  ::  7.30 pm    | 

Steve Marotto will premiere a cello miniature, Moucheron, for the Music of Reality series @ Arts at the Armory.

November 13th, 2016  ::  3 pm    | 

Rested Field + Longleash @ Equilibrium Concert Series (Third Life Studio).

November 4th, 2016  ::  8 pm    | 

Rested Field + JCSpaceRadio @ ESS OSCILLATIONS 2016 (Chicago IL).

October 4th, 2016  ::  7.30 pm    | 

Transient Canvas will be performing my Cold column, calving at Boston Conservatory @ Berklee for their Guest Artist Recital, featuring the music of conservatory faculty and alumni.

August 19th, 2016  ::  7 pm    

Mark Haygood will play Alas, departynge ys ground of woo @ Matter & Light (Boston), presented by The Boston Conservatory's Chimera. The program is entitled Embark and will feature music written for Mark Haygood, as well as performances by Sophie Kass, Joshua Scheid, David Vess, and David Angelo, and works by Brian Denu, John Cage, Ryan Fossier, Clifton Ingram, David Vess, and Andrew Harlan.

August 5th, 2016  ::  8.30 pm    

I will be playing guitar in a massive drone group led by impresario Matt Samolis in Commemorative Performance for Hiroshima/Nagasaki @ Church of the Advent. Free.

May 19th, 2016    

Joint Venture Percussion Duo will play Bract, involucre @ the Zeltsman Marimba Festival On Tour in Dudelange, Luxembourg.

April 16th, 2016  ::  8 pm    

Rested Field + Demi Exegesis Sandra Weiss Quintet @ Nave Music Series.

April 2nd, 2016  ::  8 pm    

Rested Field + Stephanie Marie Germaine + Hanes Sawyer + Kurdi Margolis Wright @ Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church.

March 19th, 2016  ::  8 pm    

Transient Canvas will premiere my bass clarinet-marimba duo, Cold column, calving, at Third Life Studio in Somerville's Union Square, alongside a world premiere by Jonathan Bailey Holland and the Boston premieres of Filippo Santoro's Tele and Victoria Cheah's Telephone: (careless whisper). TC will be sharing the stage with violist Eve Boltax and the newly-formed Rested Field, of which I am a founding member (guitars/electronics) with Dan Lewis (percussion/electronics) and Chuck Furlong (bass clarinet/electronics).

February 22nd, 2016    |

I am honored to be included in an upcoming project over the next year or so. Castle of our Skins announces:

"Congratulations to the composers selected through our recent Call for Proposals: Carolyn O'Brien (honorarium recipient), Chun Ting Pang, and Clifton Ingram! We look forward to working with you!"

Look out for more information pertaining to this commissioned string trio, tentatively named A ball with water or an eye that is based on Nicholas Hlobo's sculpture Tyaphaka.

February 21st, 2016  ::  8 pm   |

Rested Field + SouthPaw Trio @ Houston Hall (The Boston Conservatory).

January 15th, 2016  ::  8 pm   |

Pneuma + Rested Field + Lou Bunk + John Voigt @ Third Life Studio.

December 4th, 2015  ::  7.30 pm   |

An evening of music by the EQ Ensemble that is not to be missed at Cambridge's gorgeous St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. My commission, Fortress of turns, will be premiered alongside a stunning array of contemporaries. The music of two Chicagoan friends, Nomi Epstein's Sextet and Drew Baker's Charon, will be featured, as well as music by EQ composers Dan Lewis' (The Way We Wander) and Mischa Salkind-Pearl’s (A Poppy of Erasure). Truly, madly, deeply excited about this!

November 19th, 2015  ::  8 pm   |

Warp TrioRested Field @ The Green Room.

October 9th, 2015  ::  8 pm    |

open Rested Field @ Gallery 263.

October 2nd, 2015    |

The intrepid Dismissive Records has released Four Instrumentals, a collection of some of my earlier work (2011-2014). Please enjoy, as well as giving the other goodies on the label a listen! Here's the description of my release though:

Clifton Ingram is a Boston-based artist who composes music for live performance by a variety of instrumentalists. "Four Instrumentals" is a collection of three early pieces and an improvisation that straddle an often quiet and dimly-lit threshold between longing and fulfillment, and between delicate obstinance and soured gratification.

May 21st, 2015  ::  8.30 pm   |

Andy Costello again will be performing my speaking pianist solo for him, Encolpius, at Constellation in Chicago. Experimental sax/percussion duo scapegoat will be sharing the bill, so don't miss out, Chicago denizens! Tip of the hat for this concert also goes to composer/friend/tennis-nemesis Keith Kusterer!

May 12th, 2015  ::  7 pm   |

I am honored to announce that Andy Costello will premiere a piece I wrote last year for him, a speaking pianist solo entitled Encolpius. Also featured will be pianist Karl Larson and music by compositional brother-in-arms Keith Kuster. This concert is presented by my dear friends at Equilibrium Concert Series, taking place at the Lilypad in Inman Square

April 19th, 2015  ::  8 pm   |

My formidable friends Laurent Warnier and Xi (Rachel) Zhang, the Joint Venture Percussion Duo, have commissioned a work for marimba and drum set (Bract, involucre) that will be premiered at The Boston Conservatory April 19th (132 Ipswich, Room 106). I'm honored to be able to write for such talented and devoted musicians - not to mention just all around great people! And I'm in good company - fellow composers Justin Barish and Cindy Giron will also be on the program.

February 20th, 2015  ::  8 pm   |

My dear friend Matt Sharrock will be performing my piece for speaking marimbist, Eumolpus, as part of the Advent Library Concert Series. His "Narratives" solo set will feature a world premiere by Brenna Noonan, as well as works by Daniel T. Lewis and James Rolfe. Groups Patchtax and thingNY will be complete the bill.

December 18th, 2014  ::  2 pm   |

I am excited to say that two awesome friends - Brian Calhoon and  Matt Sharrock - are playing a free concert of solo marimba music, entitled Woodsong, as part of the Boston Public Library's "Never Too Late" concert series. Matt will be championing my piece for speaking marimbist, Eumolpus, alongside works by Lansky, Aldridge, and Bach. Brian will be playing pieces by Ellington, Bernstein, and Boston's own John Murphree. Come on out for some pre-holiday timber timbre!

December 2014   |

Even more commissioning news! I will be writing for saxophone duo Mothertongue Ensemble, made up of the talented Emily Cox and Charles Larson. I'm thrilled to finally have a project for a title/concept I've been disgustingly saving up inspired by catarrh

November 2014   |

News! Semiosis Quartet has commissioned me to write a string quartet for them. Stay tuned for details about the piece and upcoming performance in 2016!

June 3rd, 2014  ::  7 pm   |

Very excited for the world premiere of my piece for speaking marimbist, Eumolpus, written for Matt Sharrock! This concert, titled ASIDES, is hosted by Boston's Fifth Floor Collective at the Davis Square Theatre in Somerville, MA at 7 pm.