current/upcoming projects  :::

string quartet for Semiosis Quartet - This will help, I know it
solo for speaking percussionist for Caleb Herron - Niceros
clarinet + chamber ensemble for Chuck Furlong - Tunica intima
string quartet for GLFCAM - A chair after Niceron 1638
solo violin - to pull flowers to flower her hat
duo for alto saxophones Catarrh
 solo for guitar + small instruments + live electronics + fixed media - Onsettan
trio for Rested Field - Then the garden: boisterous and golden
solo percussion + live electronics for Daniel T LewisAuscult-



February 16th, 2019  ::  7.30pm    

Alas, departynge ys ground of woo @ Boston New Music Iniative's "<3" (Third Life Studio)
- performed by percussionist/composer Daniel T Lewis

February 15th, 2019  ::  8pm    

Alas, departynge ys ground of woo @ "Olde and New Werkes" (T401 Hemenway, Boston Conservatory at Berklee)
- performed by percussionist/composer Daniel T Lewis

Join us for an evening that brings together music of disparate times, intermingling pieces by Josquin, Francesca Caccini, Telemann, Jacquet de la Guerre, Couperin, and more with new works by BoCo composers.

February 1, 2019  ::  8pm    

Matt Sharrock solo recital @ Concert Hall - Boston University CFA

... Program ...
Two Little Movements (2008) by Darren Jones
Three Moves (1998) by Paul Lansky
Blue Skin of the Sea (2014) by Tonia Ko
Long Distance (2013) by Steven Snowden
Bract, involucre (2015) by Clifton Ingram - feat. Sam Solomon (drum set)

January 22nd, 2019  ::  8pm    

Joshua Scheid DMA solo recital @ Peabody Conservatory
- performing Et la trace

September 22nd, 2018  ::  7pm    

Lunar Teeth (# 16)
Day By Day edition

Lunar Teeth is a quarterly performance art forum held in New Bedford, MA on (or around) the equinoxes and solstices. It is a place to try out new ideas that challenge traditional genres.

Presenting performances by:

Nicole Winning
Dan Letourneau
Clifton Ingram
Normal Zack

... & more (maybe)!

BYOB and plan to hang out after!

(And please get in touch if you or someone you know is interested in participating.)

July 18th, 2018  ::  8pm    

Rested Field + Goldfeather @ Outpost 186

July 14th, 2018  ::  2pm    

Joshua Scheid Pop-Up Concert @ Ruckus
- performing Et la trace

June 3rd, 2018  ::  12-3 pm (open house style)    

Rested Field present TABLELANDS II
(an interactive performance installation)

Featuring guest artists: Kristen DyeSeiko MatsuzakiBahar RoyaeeMischa Salkind-Pearl

Join us for a long-format performance of TABLELANDS by Clifton Ingram. Our installation will run from 12pm to 3pm, during which you can come and go as you please and stay as long as you like (open house style).

TABLELANDS is designed to mimic a landscape with adaptive flora and fauna. The performers move nomadically between “satellite-stations,” taking and leaving the instrumental means that contribute to an overall ecosystem of sound and motion.

In order to experience its subtleties, the audience is asked to navigate the same space as the performers. This breach of the barrier between performer and audience creates an immersive atmosphere where perspective and choice dramatically change experience.

Studio @ 550
550 Massachusetts Ave
3rd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

Look for the Red Door
Suggested Donation $10-15

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