Clifton Ingram is a Boston-based composer​ and ​performer (Rested Field). His music aims to approach and retreat from itself along the fault lines of the musical and extra-musical  hidden objects, delicate obstinance, self-devouring ornamentation (self-replication/mutation), hastily decanted surfaces  the expression of an unreliable narrator. He has written music for pianist Andy Costello, pianist/composer Marti Epstein, clarinetist Chuck Furlong, cellist Steve Marotto, percussionist Matt Sharrock, Castle of our Skins, Equilibrium Ensemble, Joint Venture Percussion Duo, Ludovico Ensemble,​ Music of Reality, and Transient Canvas. He holds a MM in Composition from The Boston Conservatory, where ​he studied under the tutelage of Jan Swafford and Andy Vores. His music has been released by Experimental Sound Studio (OSCILLATIONS 2016 Mixtape | Chicago IL) and Dismissive Records (Four Instrumentals, 2015 | Denver CO).

artist statement   

A preoccupation with the inhabiting of thresholds  music as a waking dream. Visceral yet fragile, I prefer my work to operate with an oneiric logic: dissipating when questioned, eluding when investigated. I am driven by a desire for the work to be irreducible. Relying upon a rhetoric in which sound is treated as object, my work centers itself around exploring the social implications of its structures. I am interested in music as a mapping of private forces onto a public space (and/or vice versa), experiences shaped by dynamics between composer, performer, and audience alike. In that I am more drawn to historiography than history, I am interested in processes of imbrication and excessive layering when writing, and thereby how reader/writing are used to conceal/reveal lines of power. What I desire to make are scores (unrealized music) that knowingly occupy a middle ground, that lay in wait for performers like a found object. The expression of an unreliable narrator. The emphasized infolding of the ekphratic from one medium to the next  music as translation, both lost and found.

photo credit  Dan Mohr
OSCILLATIONS 2016 @ Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago IL | Nov 12, 2016)